ABOUT Bittoo module

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), together with the Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and Directorate of Education (DoE), Goa, launched the ‘Safer Schools Safer India’ program in the state in 2015. The objective of the program is to instill safety knowledge among students from a very young age on the subject of ‘Fire and Electrical Safety’. Primary school children of grades I – IV (a The main training module revolves around the character named ‘Bittoo’ who teaches children about essential fire and electrical safety practices through his day-to-day experiences. So far, the program has been successfully implemented in several government schools across Goa.

Teachers Trained

Schools Imparted Training

Students Trained

UL envisions the Goa state model to be adopted and replicated by other states in the country, so as to bring about positive behavioral changes among the younger generation.

Our Bittoo booklets are available in three languages — Hindi, English, and Marathi. Download the module to teach young children about safety practices to be followed while at home or outside.

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