About Safety Science

Our idea of safety is continually evolving. Just a few decades ago, seat belts were an afterthought. The sun was something to soak up. Bike helmets were considered to be ridiculous. Thankfully, we now take great care to protect ourselves from a variety of hazards. Moreover, the concept of safety itself has expanded.


National Safety Science Quiz

Do you like participating in quizzes? Here’s your chance to be part of the NSSQ, a unique contest that seeks to increase, test and reward your knowledge on safety science and its important aspects. It is open to school students from grades 8 to 10.

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Poster Contest

The Poster Contest is a platform to inspire students to exhibit their unique blends of creativity and sensitivity to safety science. Students are asked to design posters based on safety themes.

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Safety Impact Films

Safety Impact Films Contest 2019 is a platform to record & make 5 Impact Films of successful initiatives or work-in-progress initiatives of Safety measures being taken by youngsters to help society and make lives safer.

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Safety Clubs

Safety Club provides children with a platform to know more about the science behind safety. It is a program that helps children and youth learn the importance of safety knowledge. We are a community that also bring together enthusiastic and passionate teachers who are the pioneers in the topic of safety!

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About Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the UL public safety mission through the discovery and application of scientific knowledge. We conduct rigorous independent research and analyze safety data, convene experts worldwide to address risks, share knowledge through safety education and public outreach initiatives, and develop standards to guide safe commercialization of evolving technologies. We foster communities of safety, from grassroots initiatives for neighborhoods to summits of world leaders. Our organization employs collaborative and scientific approaches with partners and stakeholders to drive innovation and progress toward improving safety, security, and sustainability, ultimately enhancing societal well- being.

To learn more about us, visit ul.org


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