In the aftermath of many threatening accidents, many that could have been avoided with timely intervention, there was an eminent need to create substantial change in the area of public safety by increasing awareness. Children are the future, and given their innate ability to influence their surroundings, it was thought best that the conversation should begin with them. The platform envisioned was one that would be interactive, educational, competitive and fun. Thus, the National Safety Science Quiz(NSSQ) was born.

The NSSQ grew to be a highly popular competition which has carved a niche for itself in the pan-India school calendar. As the reach of the program grew, our young audience repeatedly expressed the need to have other mediums for voicing their thoughts on safety. This insight led to the NSSQ making way for a larger program – The National Safety Science Campaign(NSSC). NSSC aims to create a culture of safety in young minds and empower India’s next generation of safety ambassadors.

This year, NSSC consists of 3 initiatives.

National Safety Science Quiz: Designed for students of Classes 8–10, NSSQ gamifies the concept of safety by demonstrating to students that ‘Safety is a Science’. It sensitizes students to the everyday public safety challenges that surround them (road safety, cyber safety, fire hazards, etc.) and also empowers them with knowledge about the solutions to these challenges.

Poster contest: Aimed at students of Classes 4–7, the Poster Contest inspires the students to exhibit their unique blends of creativity and sensitivity to safety science. Students are asked to design posters based on safety themes.

Film contest: Targeted at students of age groups 16-25 , the contest invites individual students or a group of students, to send in their entries about the safety initiatives undertaken by them or even a story of a safety champion in their community.

The NSSC aims to sensitize and inform young students about safety as a science, and inculcate the culture of safety in their minds — thereby creating India's next generation of safety ambassadors.

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