About Safety Science

Our idea of safe is continually evolving. Just a few decades ago, seat blets were an afterthought. The sun was something to soak up. Bike helmets were considered to be ridiculous. Thankfully, we now take great care to protect ourselves from a variety of hazards. Moreover, the concept of safety itself has expanded.

We can see how environmental conditions such as poor air quality, and polluted waterways have long term impacts on our well-being. Extreme weather events can have devastating consequences on our cities and communities. New technologies bring with them unknown safety threats, and effects that are oftentimes unpredictable.

Considering this wider definition of safety, how does education play a role in building a safer and more sustainable world.

At UL Education and Outreach, we focus on addressing the most persistent and difficult global safety challenges by implementing, inspiring, and supporting educational solutions across a broad range of themes.

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