About NSSq

NSSQ Do you like participating in quizzes? Here’s your chance to be part of the NSSQ, a unique contest that seeks to increase, test and reward your knowledge on safety science and its important aspects. It is open to school students from grades 8 to 10.

Registration Process

Individual students can register online at www.ulnssc.org

(Username & Unique Identification Number will be autogenerated for each student)

Schools can register a large number of students by submitting details in the attached registration form (Excel sheet).

(The system will generate a Username and a Unique Identification Number for each student and email the information back to the school for dissemination to the students.)

Evaluation Criteria



As soon as the student registers, s/he can attempt practice tests. These will be available on the site from 15th July - 30th Sept.

*A student can take the practice test an unlimited number of times.

Once a student has taken even a single practice test, s/he is eligible to attempt the Online Qualifying Test (OQT), from the 15th of July.

*A registered student must take at least 1 (one) practice test to be able to take the OQT.

Thereafter, a student may attempt the OQT only twice, both times within the window of opportunity.

Online Qualifying Test

  1. The OQT will comprise 25 questions in multiple-choice format.
  2. Each student will get 15 minutes to attempt all 25 questions.
  3. The student must answer each question; submitting an answer is mandatory for progressing to the next question.
  4. Each response will be timed, and the total time taken to complete the test will be recorded.
  5. Scores after each practice test and OQT will be shared with the students.
  6. The best performance (score and time taken) will be considered for placing on the leaderboard.
  7. Based on performance in the OQT, the top scorer from each school will be declared the School Winner

Live Quizzing: Regional Quiz Rounds

After the OQT, the contest transforms into a team event, with schools competing against schools.

Top 4 students (at least 2 students) from each school will qualify to form two teams (at least 1 team) that will represent the school in the Regional Quiz events to be held in October 2019.

So, from each school, the 4 (four) students who perform the best in the OQT will represent their school as two teams (at least one)

However, only ONE team from any particular school will be able to qualify for the stage rounds of the Regional Quiz, regardless of the placings. The team with the higher score achieved in the written preliminary round will be selected from the school.

The teams will then participate in one of the 10 (ten) Regional Quiz events, to be held in: New Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kolkata & Bangalore.

*The dates for the Regional Quiz events will be announced on the website.

Each Regional Quiz will be conducted at 3 levels:

Students who have reached the NSSQ National Rounds in earlier editions of this programme are
NOT ALLOWED to participate in the 2019 campaign.

Certificates for Schools

Over 500 students registered from one school: PLATINUM CERTIFICATE

250–500 students registered from one school: GOLD CERTIFICATE

100–250 students registered from one school: Silver Certificate

The school with the maximum number of students registered in each region will receive a TROPHY!

National Safety Science Quiz Prize

  • Regional Final Winners – Rs 15000/- each
  • Regional Final First Runners Up – Rs 10000/- each
  • Regional Final Second Runners Up – Rs 5000/- each
  • Certificates and other exciting prizes to be won by students, teachers & school at all stages

*Please note that the winners will have to bear a gift tax of 30% or such rates as applicable for the time being, in case of any cash prizes that are given away at any or all stages of the NSSC.

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