National Safety Science Campaign 2019

Safety Club implementation across Bengaluru and Delhi

The establishment of Safety Clubs in schools to spread awareness of safety among children is the biggest sustained activity of the National Safety Science Campaign (NSSC) 2018.

After three workshops with teachers in Bengaluru and Delhi to introduce Safety Clubs, the initiative has gotten off to a great start in December 2018 and January 2019. So far, 57 schools in Delhi and Bengaluru have formed these Clubs, and have enrolled more than 3000 students (1845 students in Bengaluru and 1212 students in Delhi). Around 67 teacher mentors are actively initiating these clubs.

Students are involved in various activities as part of Safety Clubs:

  • Worksheets on Road Safety and Fire Safety for grades 5-6 and 7-8 that can be accessed here:
  • Audit sheets (based on practical activities) on different aspects of road and fire safety
  • A Safety Newsletter to which both students and teachers can contribute

Safety Clubs will continue in the months of June and July 2019, soon after the academic sessions restart.

Talking about Safety Clubs in schools, Ms Divya — Teacher, Presidency School, Bengaluru (South) — said, “The setting up of Safety Clubs in schools is a path-breaking step at the school level, where middle-school students are given a chance to learn about various day-to-day safety measures. The Club also prompts students to express their views about safety at different levels. The worksheets given to the students have been of great use to conduct the sessions in the school.”

The Safety Club initiative by UL is the first of its kind and is currently in its pilot phase in Bengaluru and Delhi schools. The objective of the Safety Clubs is to inculcate safety consciousness among students and develop a sense of responsibility among them, regarding their own safety and that of their surroundings on critical areas like road, fire, cyber, health, etc. Safety Club activities are a combination of classroom worksheets, hands-on experiences, newsletter, etc, which are mentored and closely followed by teacher mentors and by a team of experts in UL and Xpress Minds – the knowledge and outreach partner for NSSC 2018.

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